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Horror Author Patrick Royal

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why I Love Stephen King

When you hear horror or think of horror, what’s the first name that pops in most people’s mind? Stephen King, right? Why do you think that is? The answer is obvious. There are few authors who can compare when it comes to his skill, number of books written and sold.

I love King’s writing and continue to be a faithful reader. He has that way of writing about something that we all can relate to. Let’s take the book “IT”. Now, tell me after you read the title that a clown wasn’t the first thing that popped into your mind. Sure it was. To incorporate a clown into this story was brilliant. Why was this brilliant? Clowns are intriguing to children. They’re intriguing because they’re funny, faces are painted, and they carry balloons. King knew if he brought the clown to the story, the children would be drawn in. Once they were there, he unleashed the terrifying clown with razor sharp teeth on them. This book changed generations on how clowns are viewed. I have actually seen clowns when I was young that gave me the willies as most of you probably have to. That’s the relating factor. What about the bullies in the story? That’s something else I can relate to.

King is a masterful storyteller, even though the rational mind knows there’s nothing there, he makes my brain work. He has a talent for placing his readers into the world he creates, whether it is the backwoods of Maine, 1930’s prison, or a world entirely of his own imagination. His characters you will want to root for are placed in situations where they have to fight to live: he’s not afraid to kill off the good guys either because evil wins in real life sometimes.

When I read King’s books, it fuels my drive to write and strive to become a number one seller. I definitely want to follow in his footsteps.

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